Become a Hero

There are numerous non-profits that are working to try to address the many ecological dangers described in the novel.  But we all need to be part of the solution.  The environmental challenges we face are greater than any threat that has faced humanity—greater than World War I or World War II.  What is at stake is nothing less than ocean collapse and the health of all animals including humans.   But if we are able to rise to the demands of our time and face these dangers, we will truly be the greatest generation that has ever lived.

You can become an eco-hero by supporting organizations that are working on behalf of our planet, by learning more about these issues, and by getting active in the legislative battle that is unfolding in Congress.  

There is a new bill that will begin to address endocrine disruption (HR4190/S2828: The Endocrine Disruption Prevention Act, sponsored by Representative Jim Moran and Senator John Kerry).  The Kid-Safe Chemical Act will also be introduced later this year.  You know the chemical industry will be out in force.  Make sure that the voices of parents and citizens are heard.  You can contact your congressional representatives here and stay on top of the issues at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families  and at the Environmental Working Group’s blog.

All species on the land and in the sea will thank you for your efforts, including your own children.