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3/19/10 NPR’s Here and Now: Host Robin Young interviews Douglas Carlton Abrams about his book Eye of the Whale and Theo Colborn author of Our Stolen Future.
“A new novel, “The Eye of the Whale,” tells the story of a marine biologist who studies the songs of humpback whales. Her research leads to a breakthrough discovery of how pollution is harming them and humans. While the story is fiction, the science is not. We’re joined by Douglas Carlton Abrams, the book’s author, and Theo Colborn, who co-wrote the groundbreaking, “Our Stolen Future,” which details how endocrine disrupting chemicals are harming reproduction in whales and humans.”
(NPR's Here and Now)


Author Douglas Carlton Abrams joins KQED Radio to discuss his latest novel, "Eye of the Whale."
(KQED Radio)




A 2009 Interview with Douglas Carlton Abrams : Look Deep into the 'Eye of the Whale'
(The Agony Column: Podcast)


Radio Interview: Say What? by Seth Shostak | Are We Alone? Produced by the SETI Institute
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