The Lost Diary of Don Juan


"The famously insatiable lover is brought brilliantly to life in this lively, suspenseful debut novel by Abrams. Framed as Don Juan's long-guarded diary, the narrative picks up at a gallop and never relents…The story unspools with the invigorating trajectory of a thriller and the emotional draw of historical romance."

- Publishers Weekly
- Publishers Weekly Debut Fiction Profile

"Douglas Carlton Abrams’s fiction presents one of the most compelling Don Juans in literary history….With its lush, cinematic sweep of swashbuckling adventure, social intrigue and probing psychological insight, this fiery love story should spark global interest."

- Kirkus Reviews


"Awesome. The word is over-used but is there a better word for a book like The Lost Diary of Don Juan, so rich, so detailed, so colorful? It is a magic carpet of a book, a picaresque adventure that will have you clawing yourself with pleasure. On that carpet you are wafted back 413 years to a time and place blazing with excitement and discovery. Doug Abrams writes with such polish, immediacy and authority, you pause to admire his mastery of narrative. You are impressed, too, with what is obviously deep research. The book, like its hero, is a seducer and you want to return for second helpings."

- Frank McCourt, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Angela’s Ashes

"This wonderfully written novel will take you on a ride to the mysterious Sevilla of the sixteenth century--the city that once ruled the world and that gave birth to the legend of Don Juan. This journey, I assure you, will be unforgettable!"

- Javier Sierra, New York Times bestselling author of The Secret Supper

"The Lost Diary of Don Juan is a thrilling and sexy book that is at the same time a profound meditation on the ways of love, its perversities and wonders, and especially on the intersection of human and divine loves. The Diary takes us deep into the mysteries of early modern Spain, in the moment of its greatest wealth and strength and deepest fears, and gives us a surprising Don Juan—a man of compelling and seductive ideas as well as of powerful sexuality. The story is positively gripping and the historical details stunning. The book glows, its interiors compel—crowds sweat and tables groan—like a painting of Velasquez or the Dutch Masters. The Diary has real epigrammatic power: I found myself wanting to write out some of its beautifully crafted phrases about love and desire. I cannot think of another novel that so passionately lays open the heart of Catholic culture, in all its richness and all its darkness, or that so movingly traces the braiding of pain and love in that culture's imagination. I was asked to review the book as a scholar of Catholicism; better to have been asked my opinion as a man who has loved, and as such, I was utterly taken by it."

- Robert Orsi, Chair, Study of Religion, Harvard University, and author of The Madonna of 115th Street

"Is it still possible to write stories of love and seduction? If anyone can, it is Don Juan Tenorio, one of the most celebrated lovers in history. And he does it from the shadowy terrain between fiction and reality in this mysterious diary. The best kept secrets from his art of seducing virgins, widows, and wives reveal a great deal of wisdom that is far from the typical machismo that one might imagine. The portrait is completed by a detailed description of 16th-century Spain, the so-called Golden Age, which takes the reader on a fascinating journey through time. Doug Abrams succeeds in entering the mind of this great seducer and creates a story of intrigues and romance that is filled with unforgettable characters."

- Fietta Jarque, Books and Culture Editor, EL PAÍS newspaper, Madrid


“I recently read the novel--in a record-breaking 3 days! (For me, that is fast b.c I'm extremely busy)! I couldn't put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

- Kristy, USA

“I've just had the pleasure of finishing your book, The Lost Diary of Don Juan. I thought it was absolutely exquisite. I just wanted to congratulate you on writing such a wonderful novel and thank you for allowing people like me enjoy it.”

- Melanie, USA

“Its amazing book! I want to tell you that your book is exciting and thrilling! And you are a wonderful writer! Thank you for the great book!”

- Shiran

“I was riveted”

- Carolyn, USA (comment on MySpace)

“I absolutely adore your book, The Lost Diary Of Don Juan. It is so revelatory. I hang on every word.”

- female reader comment on MySpace, USA

“I wanted to tell you what a wonderful writer you are. You kept things interesting, romantic and have us wondering what was going to be happening next.”

- Pam, USA

“I loved the story and believe it is one of those books that should be kept as a reference book. I believe that many of us married people do question whether a person can love another for an entire lifetime, spend the rest of his/her life devoted to only that partner. Don Juan and I both got answers about devoting love to one person... I will always think about this if there is any question in my mind. I even wrote down these quotes to keep in my wallet to read at a later date. Thank you again for writing such a wonderful story.”

- Lori, USA

“I want to thank You with all my heart, for Your book, because it let my dream... It woke up my imagination and I felt happy reading it. I think also that it tought my many things.”

- Weronika, Poland