Eye of the Whale


"A spellbinding thriller!"
- Michael Krasny, Forum, NPR-affiliate KQED

"Doug Abrams plays on the reader's emotions like a virtuoso. Eye of the Whale is smart, detailed, and highly entertaining with a freshness and tension that resonates long after the last page is turned. Settle back and savor this one."
- Steve Berry, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Eye of the Whale is a page-turning blend of great storytelling and the latest insights of the world's leading environmental scientists. You'll race to the end of Doug Abrams' tense, heart-rending, fast-paced mystery. When you finally put his novel down, what you'll pick up, I predict, is fresh resolve for the fight to save planet Earth."
- Ken Cook, President of the Environmental Working Group
"Douglas Carlton Abrams is the Herman Melville of environmental fiction.”
- Devra Davis, Ph.D., author of When Smoke Ran Like Water and The Secret War Against Cancer

Thrilling story, believable scientist, and it opens a window on reality that will change readers' lives. I'll certainly never think of whales the same way again -- and I want to know more. I feel that Doug has given shape to a global context. I was so struck by the thought that there's really only one ocean. Immense accomplishment."
- Nancy Ellen Abrams, co-author of The View from the Center of the Universe:
"Eye of the Whale” is a compelling ecological story – whose most shocking facts are true – and modern thriller that keeps you turning pages until after midnight."
- Molly Bentley, Executive Producer, "Are We Alone?" SETI Radio
“You have to read the new book, Eye of the Whale, by Douglas Carlton Abrams, to grasp the connection between the vast contamination of the oceans and its inhabitants and our damaged human condition. In this thriller in the tradition of John LeCarre (think The Constant Gardener), the book follows a young scientist, an expert in humpback whale communication, as, piece by piece, she decodes a new whale song. Abrams wraps his mastery of the scientific evidence in a fast-paced plot with lots of heroes and villains and real tension about how the novel will end.”
- Alice Shabecoff, co-author of Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on our Children
“I wasn’t prepared for a story so moving when I first picked up EYE OF THE WHALE: A NOVEL by Douglas Carlton Abrams. The premise of the book sounded good and I had a feeling that it would be interesting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting something that would invade my dreams and keep me up at night! EYE OF THE WHALE was a great story about humans and our interaction with the world we live in. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a book that will really engage you and make you think.”
- A Journey of Books Blog
“Eye of the Whale confronts questions about the future of ocean life, while it engages us in our own race to know and to survive. Read it for the realities it reveals, but love it because it is such a good story.”
- Dennis Kelso, Executive Vice President of Ocean Conservancy