You Won't Believe It, But It's True: Read the Organic Manifesto by Maria Rodale

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Maria is a dear friend and colleague, so I was inclined to like her book, but I had no idea how powerful and important it would be.  Maria's family helped pioneer organic farming in America and have done as much as anyone to develop sustainable agriculture through the research farm as well as their book and magazine company.  So it's no surprise that she is an avid gardener and lover of the land, but Maria has taken the struggle to develop a life-sustaining relationship with the land to a whole new level by showing us how organic farming not only stops us from poisoning ourselves to death but also helps to reduce global warming.  Truly this book shows us how our extraordinary discovery and wanton use of petrochemicals are threatening our existence at both the micro and macro level.  Read this book for yourself, for you children, and for the future.