Eye of the Whale has been published in Greece!

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Here is the cover of the Greek edition!  While I've been enjoying a wonderfully rejuvenating and relaxing time with my family in Mexico for the last three weeks, my publisher in Greece has been busily getting the book to print.  It is a  great joy for the book to come out in Greece, a country that has always known the power and importance of the sea and has always cherished its inhabitants, including the delphinus.  When I told one of my twin daughters about the book being published in Greece, she said "Daddy, please take me with you to Greece.  It is my dream to go to Greece."  She is a Greek history and myth fan, and spent most of the day in the British Museum recently drinking up all of the Greek artifacts.  She is eleven.  I have also been to Greece and love it very much.  I even thought of setting one of my books in Greece.  Perhaps another. 

Giannis Triantafillou, a journalist for the Eleftheroptipia, one of the highest selling greek newspapers, interviewed me about the novel.  It's an honor to have been interviewed by a journalist who has interviewed the likes of Noam Chomsky and Kurt Vonnegut among many others.